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The Holy Spirit is the most important person on and in Earth.​

We are committed to establishing a leadership organization in the marketplace dedicated to setting a precedent in raising a standard by producing models of excellence in communities, cities, countries and continents based on Kingdom values and principles.

We serve to change followers into true leaders and true leaders into Agents of Change.


We're a Non-profit  organization.​

We are committed to spreading the word of the whole Bible so that everyone hearing the message of the Kingdom would fully comprehend the difference between Religion and Kingdom, so they can enjoy a John 10:10 life on earth, while discovering their assignment and their identity living the Kingdom life on earth.

✔️ We train, develop, and teach true leadership to become a Agent of Change (AoC).
✔️ We are the voice of the elderly and orphans in communities.
✔️ Teams are well-trained, dedicated, efficient, and effective.
✔️  We focus and strive on bringing a clear and fully understanding to the original message of the Kingdom of God.


Project One

Enriching the lives of the underprivileged.

We are thankful to God for each of our faithful ministry partners who contributed to 2023 being a huge success, the extended hands, all our volunteers and behind the scene operators.

Our first focus is on our School Kids Program and the toddlers for January 2024, and that is to make sure they are set up for the year. Our well trained and seasoned teams in the communities are ready in the marketplace to serve and assist. 


To change cities to on-purpose communities throughout on-purpose partners. 


We exist by serving others unconditionally by distributing wealth where needed. 


As miners we mine resources, knowledge, truth, and new discoveries to give to others by teaching, equipping, training, and enriching so they can do the same for others.

One 2 One

O  Only God
N  No Other Word
E  Everybody Needs Salvation
2  To Become Holy
O  On-Going Praise & Worship
N  No Other Faith
E  Everlasting Communication

Financial Information

121 Global

First National Bank
Branch Code: 254005
Account Number: 62472923921 

One Global

Capitec Bank
Branch Code: 470010
Account Number: 1525229942 

121 Partner Account

Standard Bank
Branch Code: 000205
Account Number: 10143681475 

NPO Registration

NPO: 154-872
NPC: 2021/819639/08


Head Office
496 Bush Rd , Willow Glen
Pretoria East, South Africa


012 374 0106
0861 874 353
082 551 1933
082 702 8388


Project One


Project One
House One
Feed One
Train One
Lead One
Be One