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Project One2One is a combination of: Business, Marketplace, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Community
Leaders, taking hands with the Ministry and Visionary Leaders to answer challenges, set-up strong foundations and create opportunities to have a lasting sustainable effect and impact on individuals.

Project One focuses mainly on the elderly, and children in communities. House One is an orphan project;

Train One is the entrepreneurial project; Lead One is our leadership development programme.

Feed One is our food support project; and Be One is about Identity.

Lead One 
identify young potential, invest, develop and train future true leadership in every spectra, for every platform.

Be One its all about your true identity, the 5 big questions and assignment.

House One a unique home model for orphans connected with a entrepreneurable future in the marketplace.

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Head Office
496 Bush Rd , Willow Glen
Pretoria East, South Africa


0861 874 353
082 551 1933
082 702 8388