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Leadership Development

There is a saying that the 2 most important days in our lives, is the day we were born and the day we find the reason why we were born. Nobody is a mistake. Everybody is born with Leadership qualities inside them, but becoming a leader is a process and a journey of self-discovery of: Who Am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? What can I offer? Where am I going? There is a big difference between a “Leader” and a “True Leader”. Also, there is a difference between a Manager, a Leader and a True Leader.

Unfortunately many of the Leaders of today have traded Character for Charisma, and when looking for a True Leader, they don’t know how they look, how the define or describe them and becomes difficult to find such.
So when we find a True Leader, we mostly don’t recognise them, because we are unable to identify them. Our Leadership Development Programmes (LDPs) is therefore structured to train and develop True Leaders and leadership for the marketplace, the community, the city and continents. We operate from different platforms, using different methods to assist and advise on how to discover your original purpose and potential. If you can relate to the above-mentioned topics and questions, and need to grow deeper and stronger, CONTACT US!

Charismatic Christian Riders (CCR)

CCR is an active ministry division under 121Global Ministries for special occasions, special projects and special moments ministering to different levels of society, especially those who have a love for 2 wheels. We are reaching communities, impacting and influencing them through the message of the Kingdom. Amongst the events are: Breakfast runs, cruises, gatherings, special events with a specific function and WE RIDE WITH A PURPOSE.

Our Pledge: I am a CCR rider, a prayer warrior in the army of God, the Lord Jesus Christ is my road captain, The Holy Bible is my Code of Conduct, Faith, Prayer and the Sword is my weapons of warfare. I am a CCR rider!
No one has to call me, remind me, write to me, visit me, entice me or lure me, just let me know where I am needed and I will be there.


The Nest is where eaglets are born, raised and developed into Eagles that dominate their territory. Nests are spread all over the globe with Nest Leaders passionate to share the gospel of the Kingdom, break into small understandable pieces focusing on individual understanding and comprehension making sure it is applied correctly.

There are different forms of Nests: Home Nests, Business Nests, Community Nests and City Nests. These different platforms allow us to teach the gospel of the Kingdom to each one who have a passion and desire to find their IDENTITY, Purpose and Potential. The Nests develop future nest leaders to start their own nest under the main nest, developing them with their own gift so to develop others in building the foundations with the message of the Kingdom. If you are interested in joining an Nest or starting a Nest, feel free to CONTACT US.

Kingdom Innovation Hub (KIH)

KIH is our Business Ministry in the marketplace for the entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises and corporates, where we believe – we are note better, just different - We support and assist in various aspects in the marketplace by using different techniques, tools and systems that focus and analyse the individual package. One of the Master Keys are the keys to and from management – “Execute with Excellence”.

Excellence offered by seasoned executives with many years of experience, having been involved in changes and transformation with new technology. They understand and know business and business challenges and mostly, the SOLUTIONS to most of them. For more information and full details visit:


121 Global Ministries is honoured and privileged to have dynamic active ministries that are part of our Vision, Mission and Values whilst keeping their own identity while submitting to and under the teachings of the message of the Kingdom, impacting and influencing communities, cities, countries and the entire continent. 

The Ministries slot into the basic framework of 121Global Ministries where they are mentored, prayed over and their gifting to dominate, as Ambassadors is supported, they are developed and trained to lead and to extend the Kingdom territory on earth through the power of association. As we are all part of the Body, each Ministry has a unique function to serve the Body effectively and efficiently to impact and influence.


Head Office
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Pretoria East, South Africa


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